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Risk Advisory Services

Internal Audits & Management Assurance

Internal audits and mgt.jpg
  • Tax Audit

  • Review of financial statements to analyze the impact of ICDS

  • Assistance in returns filing – income tax related party matrix and tax implications deferred taxes calculations TDS, TCS

  • Review & reconciliation of TDS/TCS refunds arising out of department demands

Assessment of internal financial control

assessment of fin control.jpg
  • Assessment of internal financial controls as specified in the Indian Companies Act

Enterprise wide risk management

enterprise wide risk mgt.jpg
  • Development of a risk management policy, related processes and mitigating framework Analysis and management of threat and identification and mapping of vulnerabilities

  • Evaluation of mitigating measures [including
    bench marking with best practices]

Governance matters

governance matters.jpg
  • Board evaluations

  • Governance reviews

  • Development & evaluation of whistle blower Frameworks

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